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How to measure your windows and door panels

Depth of Screen.jpg

Measuring windows


Measuring your windows, there are two different measurements you can take. The one is daylight size and the other is outer dimension. The measurements image explains the difference between the two. 

Measuring a sliding door

Measuring a sliding door for a panel for sliding doors is probably the easiest to measure. Just measure the height of your patio door's sliding panel as well as the preferred width of the screen.

Measuring a panel for a security gate

You have to provide the outer dimensions of the security gate on which the screen will adhere magnetically. Magniscreen can also make provision for the security gate's lock. Please contact us for more information.

All measurements are to be taken in millimeters (mm).

Using the screen with blinds


The depth of the screen is 35mm. Allow a gap of at least 36mm between the window frame and the blinds when using the screen with blinds.

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