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Keeping out flies, mosquitoes, crawling insects and even cats!

Introducing Magniscreen Flyscreens




Keeping insects and bugs out of your home has never been more convenient than with Magniscreen flyscreens. Avoid flies inviting themselves into your kitchen to feast on your Sunday lunch while cooking, a mosquito whining in your ear just as you turn off the light, you manage to find the rude intruder – war broke out... just to wake up the next morning covered with red itching bumps all over your body.


We get it, spending your time running and mostly jumping after these intruders with a fly swatter is not our idea of fun either, and so we are extremely excited that you

are here!


Established in 1998.


Keeping out flies, mosquitoes, and crawling insects.


Ideal for pet owners, keep your cat indoors when needed and safe from the neighbour and his dog.

Although we are based in Gauteng, we supply our product throughout South Africa, Botswana and Namibie.

A must have for homes, farms, small holdings, guest houses, lodges and hotels.


For Steel, Wooden, Aluminium and PVC Window Frames

Yes! Magniscreen is suitable for steel, wooden, aluminium and PVC window frames.

You will be delighted to know that we have a very neat solution for window frames other than steel frames.

Standard steel window sizes are available. Any custom made size for wooden, aluminium and PVC window frames.

No insallation, cutting or sawing to accommodate burglars bars and window fixtures.

Why choose Magniscreen Insect Screens

  • Materials used include a lightweight aluminium frame (durable, high quality and aesthetically pleasing)

  • Effortlessly moved from one window to another (due to the lightweight aluminium frame of the screen) 

  • Ready for use (No installation)

  • Suitable for steel, wooden, aluminium and PVC window frames 

  • Fits neatly and seals effectively over burglar bars and window handles

  • Easy to clean (just remove from window and hose down with garden hose) 

  • Various colour options (available in mill (raw aluminium), natural, bronze and charcoal finish)

  • Made according to your requirements / measurements

  • We believe in our product and it's quality and offer a 5 year guarantee

Fly Screens

Fly screens for windows, sliding doors and security gates.

Suitable for steel, wooden, aluminium and PVC 

window frames.

Keep insects at bay the green way

Tel. +27 12 767 8040  I  info@magniscreen.co.za  l Cell +27 82 787 7334

Plot 31, Rietfontein AH, Pretoria, South Africa 

Please make an appointment prior to a visit

Based  in  Gauteng but distribute through-out RSA, Botswana, Namibia & Zimbabwe

Call 012 767 8040 for appointments or quotations

Call 012 767 8040 for appointments or quotations

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