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  • How does it work on wooden-, aluminium and PVC window frames?"
    Magniscreen supply neat high quality Chromadek brackets (20 x 70 mm) onto which the magnets stick. This brackets are glued to the Wooden/ Aluminium/ PVC window frame with clear silicon. No damage is caused to the window frame or no unsighly fixtures are fixed onto the frame. Remove plastic protection from brackets.
  • Can the screen be used on the outside?
    As a rule the screens are used on the inside but can also be used outside due to Magniscreen's high quality components which showed zero deterioration after 20 years even under extreme sun shine conditions.
  • How do I open / close the window?
    Pull the screen (that weighs approx. 900gr) on one side away from the window frame. Open / Close window Push screen back towards window - magnets will click back onto the window frame
  • Can the magnet move on the screen?
    To ensure that the screen fits securely onto your window, move the magnets by simply sliding them on the frame to avoid clashes with obstacles such as burglar bars and to eliminate excessive woolpile protruding on the side of the screen.
  • Will the magnets be able to uphold a bigger screen?
    Magniscreen uses very strong magnets (3kg/magnet) to ensure proper adhesion to window frame. An average flyscreen weights approx. 900gr while the 4-6 magnets can secure a weight of more than 10 kg.
  • Can the magnet lose its magnetism?
    The high quality Oxide Magnets never lose its magnetism except when exposed to heat of more than 100 Degrees Celsius
  • Will my window still look neat with the screen?
    Magniscreen is designed with the emphasis on the aesthetical and is almost unobtrosive on your window.
  • Will it keep cats and snakes out?
    Even though customers' feedback is that the screens are effective in keeping cats and snakes in/out, Magniscreen cannot give a guarantee to this effect.
  • Can the screen be moved to other windows?
    Due to the durability and light weight of the screen, Magniscreen can easily be removed from the window to clean and can be moved to other windows of the same size.
  • Can I adjust the size of a screen?
    Screens can easily be converted to fit on a smaller window - please visit our website for more information.
  • Can I use Magniscreen if I have blinds on my windows?
    The dept of the screen is 35 mm. Allow a gap of at least 38mm between the windowframe and the blinds.
  • What if my screen mesh get damaged?
    Damaged screen mesh can very easily be replaced by removing the plastic extrusion clip, replace the mesh and clip the extrusion back into the aluminium frame.
  • Can the screens be used on doors?
    Even though Magniscreen can effectively be used on doors since door screens weigh approx. 1,1kg and the magnets can adhere to the door frames, it might become frustrating to remove the screen every time to enter through the door. Magniscreen has affordable, no installation, easy to use screenpanels for existing security gates and sliding doors
  • How do I lock / unlock my security gate if the screen is on the gate?
    Provision can be made on the screen to reach the gate lock without removing the screen
  • Is the screen subjected to rust / corrosion?
    Anodised or Powder coated aluminium (available in various colours) is used to prevent corrosion/rust. However, the Mill Finish (raw aluminium) is however susceptive to corrosion in the long term (10 years +), especially in coastal areas.
  • What do I do where tiles / plaster cover the window frame and there is not enough space on the frame for the magnets to stick to?
    L-Brackets (High quality Chromadek) can be provided where there is not at least 14mm (width) available on the window frame onto which the magnets can stick. The L-Bracket is glued with clear silicon to the frame or to the wall/tiles.
  • What do I do if the screen tend to slide downwards?
    Bigger screens where the widowframe finish is very smooth (eg powder coated), the screen might tend to slide down. You can prevent this by moving one magnet to the top and/ or botom of the screen and glue the L-Brachet to the top/ bottom of the window frame onto which the magnet will stick. The horizontal part of the L-Bracket must be at the bottom of the bracket. The L-Bracket will then prevent the sliding down of the screen.
  • Can the screen be used on louver windows?
    It can be used on Louver windows but like all other screens – an additional fixture must be installed for louver windows
  • How does Magniscreen compare to other screen types?
    Conventional Sliding type: ------------------------------ Needs to be installed - high installation cost Better quality Sliding screens (aluminium) are expensive Steel – subjected to rust Slide mechanism usually "cross-lock" which makes sliding difficult. Difficult to keep clean Not transferrable to other windows Damage to aluminium-/wooden window frames Roller /blind type -------------------- Mechanical parts can get worn-out Shorter lifespan Difficult/ expensive installation Cannot easily be used with burglar bars Wind can blow screen out of channel Various Magnetic types without a rigid frame --------------------------------------------------- To be installed Unsightly fixtures on window frames Cannot easily be used with burglar bars Shorter lifespan Not cost effective
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